About Us & Our Festival

Summary of mandate

In a world that everything is moving so fast, human and divine value has a special place. With that attitude, love and affection and human feelings are the priority. We must not let the new world order destroy social communications. By combining beliefs and human values with the modern world, a beautiful and glorious world can be created free from horror and evil. From our perspective, the social and divine point of view of each filmmaker can play an essential part in keeping the values of our community. We do not intend to question anything, but try to show the importance of freedom and human communications from the filmmakers’ perspective.


We plan to hold one or two workshops online or live each year under the school of thought of the festival. In these workshops, we will try to have challenging discussions with the people aware of spiritual issues by watching the films of successful filmmakers worldwide.

Sharing researches

We are a non-profit group, and we want to be able to talk about human and religious concepts in the best way possible, free from any prejudice. We want to enter the mental world of filmmakers who want to get to the divine world of the man with their films. We want to show the glory of God and the universe in the best way possible.